ChefHero – The Procurement Hero For The Food Service Industry

January 25, 2018
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Did you know that other than being an angel investor, I have another full-time job? Yup, I am the Chief Operations Officer of the Lau’s residence. I am in charge of the inventory of all household supplies. I am also in charge of the weekly grocery purchase and any emergency purchase during the week. Other than making sure all supplies are purchased and delivered to our house using the Just-in-time Scheduling Methodology (sorry for this jargon since I am an industrial engineer). Of course, I also have to make sure all purchases are considered as “High Quality, Low Price”.

I am sure all household-COOs would agree with me that the job has not been an easy one. One mistake in the purchase order could result in a young kid crying “No more cookies? Wwaaahhhh …”

Imagine what it is like for the folks in the foodservice industry? What if the chef needs cilantro for his Vietnamese pho, but the order of cilantro turns out to be parsley? Or when coffee shops run out of lactose-free milk and can only offer almond milk or soy milk as alternatives?

Therefore, when Saif Altimimi, CEO and co-founder of ChefHero, was raising a round of fundings, I was very interested to learn more about the business. 

In a nutshell, ChefHero is a platform that streamlines the procurement process in the foodservice industry. So far, there are more than 300 companies that have trusted their procurement process with ChefHero and the number is growing rapidly. By curating and aggregating both the supply and demand side in the foodservice procurement process, ChefHero is leveraging the collective power of both sides of the equation. Along with its very intuitive and well designed mobile app, ChefHero is well positioned to reinvent the procurement process to make it far more efficient. Chefs can easily shop and purchase all their supplies at the best possible price with the quality they would like on any device at any time.

We are very privileged to be an investor in the venture. We believe that ChefHero will become one of the biggest procurement networks in the foodservice industry.

- Eva

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