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August 24, 2019
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A favourite family tradition of mine is our yearly trip. 

Aside from unplugging from our busy lives, I see travelling as a great way to inspire our children. The few big trips I went on as a child developed my global view and taught me how to appreciate other cultures - these trips are some of my most cherished memories. 

Through planning of so many trips with Allen and our children, I’ve become a sort-of expert in the art of capturing memories. It’s something I have in common with Flytographer’s founder Nicole Smith. We both understand the value of photos but knowing that sometimes reaching for a camera, or fumbling to hand it over to someone nearby, can lead to missing all the magic. 

I met Nicole in the fall of 2017. We instantly clicked, and Flytographer became one of our portfolio companies in 2018. The marketplace connects travellers with hundreds of carefully vetted local photographers in more than 300 cities around the world. It has already captured over 2 million moments (and counting). I wish I knew about them before visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris or taking a stroll in St James's Park in London!

By lowering the friction in the photographer booking process and focusing on customer service, Flytographer has created a strong network effect through connecting many freelance photographers around the world with travellers who want to capture special moments. 

People are excited about visiting places like Canada and now, booking a photographer can be as easy as finding a room to stay or ordering a cab. According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada - “In the first half of 2018, tourism activities directly accounted for more than $18 billion of Canada's GDP.” 

With the rise of travel and photo sharing culture, I would not be surprised to see your family is adding ‘Flytographer’ to the list of things to book for your next adventure :)  In fact, in our most recent trip to Banff, Alberta, our family booked some time with Lyndsay at Banff. Here is the link to our Travel Story

We are so proud to be an investor in Flytographer!

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