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According to a recent study by The Economist, Toronto is the world’s best city to live in. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s a safe, friendly, clean, diverse and prosperous city. We feel so blessed to call Toronto home since Allen and I moved from the suburb a year ago.

Did we miss our lives as suburbanites? Well, yes and no. In the suburb traffic was not as hectic and our house was more spacious. On the other hand, I love the convenience of city life. Sometimes, I wonder if there is a utopia where we can have all the space we want, like in the suburb and yet, have all the convenience offered by the city.

The utopia may not exist but I certainly know one startup that is bringing the convenience of a city to less populated areas. In June 2015, we co-invested in the seed round of Winnipeg based SkipTheDishes with our friends at Golden Venture Partners. SkipTheDishes connects local restaurants with food couriers so that people could enjoy the convenience of having great local food being delivered to them. In their own words:

“By seamlessly connecting you to local restaurants and food couriers, we make your city’s great food more accessible, opening up more possibilities for food lovers, more business for local small business owners, and income for food couriers.”

We are very excited about this opportunity because we have first-hand understanding of the problem that they are trying to solve and of course the 3-sided network effects. Since founding in 2013, their service has already expanded into over ten cities across Canada and US. Their seamless integration not only creates strong local networks of restaurants and food couriers, but their customers are also enjoying the convenience of food ordering and delivery they never had before.

We look forward to seeing SkipTheDishes continues to expand their network in the US, Canada and the rest of world.

– Eva