This is the

story thesis vision of Two Small Fish.

The 4 S's:
Start, Sprout, Scale, Success

Founders for founders: Entrepreneurship is about more than just a great idea. Successful entrepreneurs take their idea through the 4S’s: starting an idea, sprouting the idea into something tangible and unique, scaling it into a platform and network, and successfully seeing it through to an IPO/exit. What makes our fund special is that we are led by two visionary founders who know what it takes to turn a simple idea into a global, tech-enabled platform.

Sensitive to inflections: Eva and Allen have have both been active in the tech ecosystem for decades and have been witness to the nuanced inflection points within the industry.

From the dot com bubble, all the way to the mobile, social, quantum, and AI/ML era of today. They have seen how some companies thrive and disrupt, and how others fall through the cracks. They draw on their respective industry expertise to help our portfolio companies grow their business and scale across regions and sectors.

By continuing to recognize the trends that are changing the way we socialize, commute, work, play, and live, Eva and Allen offer a rare and crucial insight that propels the successes of our portfolio companies into hyperdrive.

We invest globally in early-stage, transformative tech companies.

Venture firms operate in many different ways. Many have a stage focus. Some have a sector focus. Some focus on a specific technology. On the other hand, Two Small Fish Ventures has always been thesis-driven. This has proven to be an effective filter and guidepost that helps both founders and TSFV find a mutual fit.

Our firm will invest in early-stage products, platforms, and protocols that transform user behaviour and empower businesses and individuals to unlock new values.

We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Let's dream big together.

The Bold. The Ambitious. The Outliers. The Determined. Gritty visionaries. Change-makers. Go-getters. 

We invest in these types of founders because we know what it takes. We know they’re rare and we know they’re out there. We’re excited to support like-minded people on their entrepreneurial journeys.

At Two Small Fish Ventures, we believe in giving back when you’re successful. The Upside Foundation is the hub where the tech sector rallies together to make sharing the upside core to how we win. We advocate for every Canadian tech company to pledge equity to charity via Upside.


We've come a long way. This is our second fund.

Fund I:

Notable investments: Bitstrips (acquired by Snapchat), ADA ($1.2 billion valuation), SkipTheDishes (acquired by Just Eat), BenchSci (recently raised $29M series B)

Our first fund was marked by investments in companies that were at the forefront of innovation in their respective domains. We focused on supporting strong teams that were building strong products with substantial user engagement, similar to what we had been building within Wattpad. This fund was all about foresight. We saw opportunities that we knew would change consumer behaviours and stand the test of time. Two Small Fish Ventures was fortunate enough to be the only Canadian investor on Bitstrips’ cap table. We focused on building relationships in the ecosystem. We knew this would be important.

Fund II:

Notable investments: Sheertex, Printify, Joyride, Pngme

As we move through our second fund, we are focusing on companies that are leveraging strong network effects. We invest in founders with grit and vision. Teams that are disrupting and enhancing the way we work, live, and play. We support data driven companies that leverage AI and ML to scale and grow the virality of their products and services.