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February 27, 2018
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Before moving to the City of Toronto from the suburb, I have a dear friend who had helped me with numerous home maintenance jobs in the last decades. He remodelled my kitchen, furnished my basement and pretty much did all the odd jobs whenever I needed a handyman. Let me put it this way, my old house had his fingerprints all over. 

But since our move to Toronto a few years ago, he could no longer help me. He works mostly in the suburbs. Getting into the city to help me with small jobs is no longer cost effective for him. Since then it has always been a painful experience when it comes to home maintenance, especially when my house is more than 80 years old! Honestly, I can go on and on about all the tiny and yet very annoying maintenance issues I had to deal with in the last few years, and I can certainly tell you a few funny and yet frustrating stories when I was facing some disastrous home maintenance crisis.

So when I had the opportunity to meet with Ryan Shupak, CEO and co-founder of Jiffy, I can certainly see the need of Jiffy in large cities such as Toronto. Unlike in the suburbs and small towns when people tend to know who to call for home maintenance, in the cities finding a home maintenance professional and scheduling an appointment could be quite daunting. At the same time, home maintenance professionals are spending a lot of money on advertising and virtual assistants to make sure their sales funnel is large enough. And yet, they still have to deal with many back-office issues such as scheduling, billings or simply calling back the potential sale prospects.

Jiffy is not only a marketplace to connect home maintenance professionals with people who need their help, but it also is a productivity platform for them. Jiffy marries the network effect of a marketplace and the efficiency of their productivity tools to create a very unique opportunity for home maintenance professionals to transform the way they conduct business while giving the power to consumers to connect with them. 

Today, I am so glad to announce that we have joined Ryan in his startup journey as an investor in Jiffy, along with Golden Venture Partners and Hedgewood. Look forward to transforming the home maintenance experience with the Jiffy team!

- Eva

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