TSFV’s Semiconductor Investments Enable the Future of Generative AI

March 27, 2024
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Without a doubt, the explosion of AI has prompted a heightened demand for high-performance semiconductors. In particular, Generative AI relies heavily on enormous computational power to process vast amounts of data to generate high-quality outputs in real-time.

When it comes to semiconductors for the GenAI era, three things matter – Speed, Design, and Cost. 

Whether it’s training LLMs or executing sophisticated algorithms for creative tasks, fast and efficient semiconductors are indispensable for reducing processing times and enhancing overall performance. 

The complexity of generative AI algorithms also demands advanced semiconductor architecture capable of handling intricate computations with precision. 

And, the availability of high-performance semiconductors at a reasonable cost is instrumental in democratizing access to generative AI technology. 

As a VC, our expertise in semiconductors is unmatched, and our partners have strong technical experience having previously worked at leading semiconductor companies.

We know the space well. 

It’s why we’re excited about our latest investment in Blumind, a Canadian deep-tech startup that’s enabling edge AI with its analog compute technology. Led by a team with extensive experience in Analog and AI semiconductor chip design and system solutions, Blumind delivers easy to use all analog solutions that are 100-1000x more efficient than legacy digital approaches enabling AI for everyone, everywhere.

But Blumind isn’t the only TSFV portfolio company leading the future of semiconductor design. In 2021, we invested in Zinite, another Canadian company that is doing transformative work to build high performing chips within the same product real estate. Zinite’s 3D chip is a high-performance, thin-film transistor built along the z-axis.  

Semiconductors serve as the backbone of the generative AI revolution. These two companies are great examples of startups that are powering this revolution through innovation in hardware design. As we continue to witness rapid advancements in AI technology it will become even more critical to invest in cutting-edge semiconductor solutions. 

These tiny pieces of silicon hold the key to unlocking the true potential of AI-driven creativity and innovation. If you’re an early-stage semiconductor startup founder and are looking for a VC who truly understands the space you’re in, drop us a note at pitch@twosmallfish.vc

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